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French Techno label since 2005, Amazone is a platform founded by Marco Asoleda & D'Jamency.

Thanks to its several collaborations, the label is always inspired and enriched by world musical currents.

Its artistic line travels through a musical and melodic techno to a more mental music, powerfull and fit for the dancefloor. Its philosophy is totally based on an emotional exchange and an interactive electronic music...-


Very nice review about our upcoming Amazone Records vynil 12" (end february).

on by HD Substance ....


Out now :

Future 16 _ Paul Mac_ Ducerey ada Nexino _ AmR 54

Supports: A.Trebor, Attemporal, Axel Karakasis, Bass Moy, Blank Code , Blind Spot, dj Hyperactive ,Exium ,Jeroen Search , Leghau, Jeff Rushin,Marco Asoleda , Mattias Fridell, Perc, Peja, Plankton, Ricardo Garduno, Rieuji Takeushi, Richie Hawtin, Submerge, Truncate, Tsugi Mag, Unam Zetineb to name a few...


9 years of AMAZONE


1st release from our new subdivision AMONG:

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